The Floating Offshore Wind Conference


In a world that never stands still – where the nature of risk is constantly evolving and the needs of customers are continually changing, we turn challenges into possibilities and possibilities into opportunities. A specialty insurer and reinsurer that elevates beyond the standard solutions. We help customers pursue their ambitions and explore new pathways through tailored products and services, on a global scale.

DORIS is a leader in the provision of engineering, advisory and project management services for the energy sector. With a vision to enable change, we make conventional energies cleaner and renewable and new energies possible. Across our 20-year track record in fixed and floating offshore wind, we have supported over 90 GW of offshore wind projects across 17+ countries.

Offshore wind gets a lift from Liebherr

Liebherr has been a pioneer in various industries for 75 years and in recent times has earned a reputation as a major supplier of heavy lifting equipment to offshore wind developments. 

The company’s cranes are widely used for constructing and maintaining offshore (and onshore) wind farms, for lifting operations on oil and gas platforms and for deep-sea operations.

Its equipment is used for all types of heavy lifting off our coasts; an example is the two LR11350s crawlers of more than 1,000t capacity deployed to the Sea Green project in the North Sea, Scotland’s largest offshore wind development.

Elsewhere, the company’s maritime crane division has a comprehensive portfolio of ship cranes, digital solutions and consulting services and its range of port equipment is used throughout the world to handle cargo and containers.

Liebherr- international Group & family enterprise | Liebherr

Founded in 2016, NatureMetrics converts the complex web of life into simple and meaningful insights, to drive critical decisions for your business and its impact on the natural world.

Our technology is powered by environmental DNA (eDNA). This technology analyses water and sediment/soil samples for traces of DNA left by animals through cells, hair, mucus, faeces in the environment. Using specific analyses, anything from bacteria to blue whales can be detected.

This information feeds into metrics, that can be tracked and made visible using a digital dashboard, allowing you to create baselines, plot net positive or nature positive indicators, establish ecosystem health, comply with required sustainability reporting and engage local stakeholders to work with project teams onsite.

With powerful wind resources, world-leading innovation and an experienced, highly skilled workforce, Scotland offers a dynamic range of investment opportunities in offshore wind.

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